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2020-02-23 02:21 Difference Between CT Scan and PET Scan. The isotopes (the atoms can divide and emit the rays) used in the PET scan. Usually FDG (Fluro deoxy glucose) is used. This will emit the positrons. Usually the radioactive FDA is taken by the active tissue. FDA is

A PET scan is a normal CT scan, but they also scan for radiation hot spots at the same time. You get the hot spots from the radioactive sugar water they put in you. Cancer loves sugar water and soaks it up faster then normal cells. Then a computer program puts the 2 scans together. They call it a fused image. difference between pet and cat scans How PET Scans Work. PET scans work by injecting a tiny amount of radioactive tracers into the bloodstream, which the PET scan machine can then detect and analyze via 3D images. PET scans take between 24 hours to complete, and are significantly more expensive than CT scans. The radiation exposure of a PET scan is about the same as an xray.

How is a PET scan different from a CT or MRI scan? One of the main differences between PET scans and imaging tests like a computed tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is that the PET scan reveals metabolic changes in an organ or tissue earlierat the cellular level. difference between pet and cat scans

PET and CT scans both involve the use of hightech imaging equipment to examine the bodys internal structures. However, a PET scan can reveal changes on a cellular level, while the CT scan reveals changes in the overall structure of organs or tissue. A PET scan can detect diseases at an earlier stage than a regular CT scan. Principle and Procedure. A CT scan relies on a series of Xrays and is usually completed within 510 minutes. On the other hand, a PET scan takes anywhere between 2 to 4 hours. The basic principle behind a CT scan relies on the reconstruction of a three dimensional image of an organ, by a computer. Feb 18, 2008 Best Answer: I have had a MRI and a CAT scan. The CAT scan involved them injection me with radioactive material which later made me sick as a dog. The machine was a thin round whole, in which the scan moves around. difference between pet and cat scans How can the answer be improved? Difference Between Cat Scan and Pet Scan. Normally a Pet scan is done to detect cancer, nerve problems, heart problems, and brain problems. For example, if your doctor wants to see if you suffer from Schizophrenia, then they can actually have a Pet scan done to see if the part of the brain that deals with Schizophrenia is effected or if it is just fine. May 16, 2018 Notice that this is a distinct difference from other kinds of imaging whereas CT and MRI scans look at structures in the body, a PET scan looks at function. Since cancer cells tend to divide more rapidly than other cells, they will generally show as having more metabolic activity. PET scans are also used to monitor how a condition is progressing or how effective the ongoing treatment of a condition is. Unlike a CT scan, a PET scan shows problems at the cellular level. PET scans are often used along with CT scans, Xrays or MRI scans to obtain not only an image,

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