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The Major Difference Between the Shia and the Sunni. Even Umar confessed to the fact that the election of Abu Bakr was without consultation of Muslims. (See sahih al Bukhari, ArabicEnglish, Tradition 8. 817) On the other hand, election implies choice and freedom, and that every Muslim has the right to elect the nominee. sunni shia differences in urdu Shia does not accept Abu Bakr as the actual caliph of Islam while Sunni accepts him and the others that followed after him including Ali. Sunni is the biggest branch of Muslims and constitutes around 90 of the total followers of Islam while Shia is the second largest branch of Muslims and constitute 10 of the total followers of Islam.

Oct 07, 2018 Shia and Sunni are two biggest branches of Islam the differences between them tend to be mainly based on the fact that Shias believe that Imam Ali was the true successor of Muhammad (followed by 11 imams) and Sunnis believe that Abu Bakr was the successor. sunni shia differences in urdu

Differences between Shia and Sunni, The lines that gap Muslims in the Middle East today rely upon governmental issues as much as religion. The upheavals in the locale have set Shia governments against Sunni Gulf states, for example, Saudi Arabia and Difference Between Shia and Sunni. Sunni Islam is more popularly spread in countries such as Africa, China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and some of the Arab world. It is based on six articles of faith referred to as the Six pillars of Iman. The Sunni, however gave the same importance to all Islamic literature. This difference has created a different understanding of Islamic law between the two. Shia followers also visit and honor shrines of past Imams, saints, and scholars. In the eyes of many Sunni, this is blasphemous and equivalent to worshipping other deities. sunni shia differences in urdu Summary: 1. Shia Muslims believe that the legitimate leadership inheritance belonged only to 2. Sunni Muslims follow the Sunnah or hadith. 3. Shia Muslims lead mourning processions in the memory of martyr Imam Hussain 4. Sunni and Shia Muslims both follow same beliefs but have differences The differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims. Between 10 and 13 are Shia Muslims, and 87 to 90 are Sunni Muslims. Sunni Muslims are also present in more countries and regions throughout the world, whereas most of Shia Muslims live in four countries: Iran, Pakistan, India, and Iraq. Sep 01, 2010 Ramadan, What is the difference between sunni, sufi, shia? Answer Questions. Can anyone suggest the most authentic English versions of( 1) HOLY KORAN (2)HOLY BIBLE (3)HOLY GITA (4)HOLY TORAH (5)HOLY DHAMMAPADA? Trending. Differences in Religious Practice. that despite these differences in opinion and practice, Shia and Sunni Muslims share the main articles of Islamic belief and

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