Optical grade silicon blanks

2020-02-17 07:37 Optical Grade Silicon Polished optical grade Silicon(Si) used for infrared (IR) and reflective optics applications, is available from Valley Design Corp. Float zone, optical grade Silicon can be provided in SEMI standard sizes, or custom sized, thinned and polished by Valley.

Optical Grade Silicon: Our partner Cimcoop and their seasoned team of engineers have over 3 decades of combined crystal growing experience. This enables our production of highpurity, Czochralskigrown silicon with very consistent quality. optical grade silicon blanks mirror grade 1 10 cm Products Window blanks Mirror blanks Filter blanks Prism blanks Beamsplitter blanks Lens blanks Dome blanks Rods Disks Sputtering targets Optical Grade Silicon Data Sheet Physical and Optical Properties USA Photonic Sense, Inc.

Highpurity silicon generated into readytouse blanks for optical processing. Optical Glass Strip: Over 130 glass types are available for your optical design& manufacturing needs. optical grade silicon blanks

Optical Grade Silicon Blanks for Infrared Optics. EUROPE ASIA Photonic Sense GmbH Am Goldberg 3 Optical Properties [2 Refractive Index (at 5. 20 m) 3. 4144 Wavelength in micrometer T r a n s m i s s i o n Optical Grade Silicon Data Sheet Physical and Optical custom silicon ingots& blanks. Lowvolume, highmix custom production of single and multicrystal silicon is supported with Silfex's inhouse crystal growing capability for 460mm and greater diameters. HIGH PURITY SILICON FOR OPTICAL APPLICATIONS In the majority of optical grade silicon applications, the transmission of the material is a greater concern than the resistivity and should be the primary specification requirement. But there are a few applications optical grade silicon blanks Novotech has extensive CNC generating capabilities. We are an industry leader supplying the market with generated and pregenerated optical blanks.

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