Difference between smart and handsome

2020-02-26 19:51 May 03, 2008 Handsome smart, charming in a formal way Add a comment. Submit just now. i don't think there is much difference between them there are just slight differences like a cute gut would have a really sweet, baby face whereas a handsome guy would have chisseled features. . Ladies, Whats the Difference between Handsome, Cute

Handsome is a synonym of smart. As adjectives the difference between handsome and smart is that handsome is (obsolete) dexterous; skillful; handy; ready; convenient; applied to things as persons while smart is causing sharp pain; stinging. difference between smart and handsome While being smart deals with the overall and complete personality of the person including all factors like looks, appearance, behaviour, the aptitude or way of thinking in a positive spirit and also witty skills of speaking and talking. A handsome person may or may not be smart but a smart person z definitely handsome.

Sep 18, 2018 Handsome is used to describe men in the same way as beautiful is used to describe women. A handsome woman is one who looks good in spite of her age. It is much less a compliment than beautiful . You will see this is older books. Today, most people avoid using this word for a woman. difference between smart and handsome

Example sentence: He is smart as well as handsome. (He is not only handsome, but he is also smart. ) And and as well as are very similar, but there is a slight difference. For example, if you are talking about your pet dog to someone who doesn't know anything about your dog, you could say My dog is cute and smart. Mar 25, 2012 Handsome is all about looks and appearance whereas smart is more relating to intelligent posture, behavior and attitudes. Handsome is only a form of beauty which is usually attributed to a good looking man. Handsome encompasses robustness, nobility, strength& proportion, as well as a magnificient form and sharp facial features. Not just men but women who possess such qualities can also be described as handsome. difference between smart and handsome Handsome is a word to use for a male's appearance. Smart is used for our intelligence. smart as a slang expression can mean smart mouth. this means you are saying something you should not say. Answer to the question What's the difference between beautiful , pretty , gorgeous , and handsome ? for English language learners PhraseMix. com Women what is the difference between hot, cute, and handsome? Skippy13. 5 Xper. Fashion& Beauty. Facebook. They are generally also smart and funny and charming. The lines between cute and hot tend to be blurred though because if a girl likes a cute guy, he will become the sexiest thing around in her eyes and he will become hot to her Answer. \nIt's the difference between intelligence and wisdom. Beautiful is a general adjective for something that is highly aesthetically appealing. Handsome is only a form of beauty which is usually attributed to a good looking man.

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