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2020-02-26 20:03 Jan 05, 2013 Help adding songs with a different laptop without syncing. This is the way Apple handles copyrights in reference to music they sell on iTunes. Your iPhone needs to be connected to an iTunes account that uses the same Apple ID as your iPhone, this is how it syncs everything across the board to and from the iPhone.

Steps to Add Music to iPhone without Syncing: Step 1: Download and install TunesMate here, then plug in your iPhone and run the TunesMate application. Step 2: Find the Music tab near the top and click on it. You will be in the Music window by default. You will see the songs from your iPhone at the right panel. add songs iphone different computer Oct 08, 2018 While you don't need to buy anything to use Google Play Music on your iPhone and computer, Google needs a payment method on record in order to verify your country of residence. To add a method, do the following: Click ADD CARD. Click Add credit or debit card. Enter your card's information and billing address.

However, if you previously deleted your old music from your library or are attempting to add music from another computer, you'll lose the old files. Therefore, to preserve the existing music, you must override the autosync settings and choose to manually add new music. add songs iphone different computer

Part 2. How to Add Music to iPhone from Another Computer. You can also transfer computer songs to iPhone directly. Here are the steps. Step 1. Open AnyTrans Connect your iPhone to computer Scroll down to enter category management page. Step 2. Click on Audio Choose Music. Dec 30, 2013 iPhone sync only with one computer, if you sync with another, you iPhone content will be replace with whatever is on the second computer. If there's no DRM on the song, you can copy the songs to a USB stickCDDiskette and import it to your iTunes library and then you sync from there. Jan 25, 2019  How to Add Music to iPhone Method 3 Using Apple Music Open your iPhone's Settings. Scroll down and tap Music. Tap the grey Show Apple Music switch. It will turn green. Tap the grey iCloud Music Library switch. It will also turn green. Tap Keep Music add songs iphone different computer Steps to Add Music to iPhone from Another Computer Step 1. Install and launch dr. fone on your computer. Select Transfer from all the functions and connect iPhone to the computer Step 2. Add music to your iPhone from another computer Click Music at the top of the main window. Follow these steps to manually manage music and videos on your iPhone: Connect the iPhone to your first computer. Open iTunes. Select the iPhone using the Device menu in the topleft. Click the Summary option and select Manually Manage Music and Videos. Click Apply. Sep 14, 2016  Check Sync Music. All existing music in iTunes on the iPhone will be removed from iPhone If you had connected your iPhone to different computer before. Chose Remove and sync. 11. Sep 24, 2006 When you plug it in to another computer, you still can't transfer music directly between two song libraries. But the host computer should now see the iPod as an external hard drive, so you can load FILES (mp3s, for example) onto it, as long as space is available. Then you move them onto your own computer and add them to your iTunes library.

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