Sadida lvl 200 grade 10

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cra 200 grade 10 sram 177 bonus. 52 Videos. Subscribe 22, 548, 145 2, 729, 347 views 95 39, 852 852. About: como imprimir no photoscape como istalar roblox valentoes se dando mal como resetar tablet philco bloqueado Cra lvl 200 ulette goultarminator 2013 Grade 10 sadida lvl 200 grade 10 Jan 23, 2014 Main dmg spell is sadida tear, 156 base dmg for 5ap so 312 each turn at lvl 200 i use voodoll on a mob (voodoll still give 150 dmg from lone sadida passive) to active tears side effect. with doll link 10 of the dmg i get is transferred to voodoll and thus the enemy. main healing spell is mudoll and drain is just for giggles.

Effects (Lvl. 200) Conditions Unlock Vaporize 2 14: A refreshing minor spell which inflicts Watertype damage. 50 HP Nettled (10 Lvl. ) Sadida's Tear 4 16: An attack that inflicts considerable damage without a line of sight and which can heal allies or deal damage to enemies. 100 HP Heals 50 HP 30 Damage received (1 turn) Lvl. 3 Mudoll sadida lvl 200 grade 10

The Agility Sadida is not very good before lvl so just run the Strength build found above and then reset. End game (lvl 200) Rassler Boots. Anerice Cloak. Mantax. Allisters Crown gives a lot of Agility, you can swap it for something else though. Jammy Jack Collar. Stay there until around lvl 10 as its quick and easy experience. 200 damage to a treechnid in one hit with about 180 Str. This way you can get around 50, 000 exp per fight and it won't take long to kill the mobs. Also with my 45 life Cloak and 19 life ring, my level 11 Sadida has 131 HP with no raw stats in Vitality. item build over Cette foisci un Sadida Terre level 200. Kolizum, dfis et combat de 1vs1 au programme, avec de la chance. . ou pas. Cordialement Tweep! jogos de dar raiva shaiya breaker 1 VS 3 Kolizeum Avec Brizzeur Sadida Grade 10. 2, 729, 347 views 55. 15: 19. Dofus Bta, Cr Feu 200 sadida lvl 200 grade 10

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