Different types of cricket

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The traditional version of the game, Test Match cricket, has been rivaled in popularity by shorter more spectator friendly versions of cricket in recent years. Test Matches played over 5 days. One Day Matches 50 overs per side. 20Twenty Matches 20 overs per side. T10 Matches 10 overs per side. different types of cricket There are over 900 different species of cricket, but the most common types found in North America are field crickets, camel crickets and house crickets. Other common types include ground crickets, tree crickets, mole crickets, bush crickets and scaly crickets. Keep Learning.

Mar 03, 2018  Most of us might be familiar with Galli Cricket, Hand Cricket and Box Cricket. But do you know that the worlds first Ice Cricket Challenge happened recently in Switzerland? . As one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world, Switzerland is home to exceptional leisure and sporting facilities and hosts events on the world stage. different types of cricket

Different Types of Cricket Balls used in Cricket Game. In the game of Cricket, Ball plays important role. A CRICKET BALL is made of refined leather with hand stitching. Inside the leather a small cork ball is putted known as inner core which insures the bounce and durability of ball. Different level of player, However, there are three basic forms of cricket: Firstclass. One day. Twenty 20 (T20). Inner core of ball has small cork ball for more bounce and durability. Its very necessary to have different types of cricket balls in different playing conditions. In international cricket perfect ball are choose for perfect playing condition. In cricket, twopiece cricket balls are used in different playing condition. different types of cricket

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