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2020-02-23 16:46 Different types of mint plants include peppermint, spearmint and apple mint. Other types of mint are lemon mint and chocolate mint. Catmint is not a true mint as it's in the species Nepeta instead of Mentha, but it is used as a mint. Keep Learning.

Types of Mint Many Types of Mint. There are many different types of mint, but they share one primary Peppermint. Probably the best known variety of mint, peppermint, or Mentha x piperita, Spearmint. Another well known mint variety, spearmint, or mentha spicata, Catnip, or Catmint. This different types of peppermints Mint Candy. Mints aren't just for afterdinner anymore, they're great for any occasion. We have over 70 different varieties here at Bulkcandystore! We have wrapped butter mints in lots of different wrapper styles, chocolate mint lentils, pastel mints, starlight mints, and even the oldtime C. Howard's mints!

Mint plants (Mentha spp. ) include traditional herbal mints, varieties with floral or chocolate fragrances and soft or woollyleaved types. These rapidly growing, perennial plants are often vigorous spreaders that become invasive over time. What Are the Different Types of Mint Plants? By Jenny Green. SAVE; different types of peppermints

Mint (candy) Sweets made with natural mints are sometimes referred to as peppermints or spearmints. Although historically consumed as any other type of candy, mints are especially popular worldwide as an aftermeal refreshment, since the taste and smell of mint oil and its active components are quite strong and feel clean and cool to the mouth. Apple Mint. Tightly pack a glass jar with mint and cover with brandy. After it stands for 2 to 3 weeks, strain it through a muslin bag. Take this brandy and add it to fresh herbs and more brandy and keep repeating until you have enough to use and the taste suits. Mint flowers are also very useful and any of these mints, except Pennyroyal, Mints& Peppermint Candy. From traditional after dinner mints like peppermints, Andes Mints, and nonpareil mint candies, to decorating mints like StarLight Mints and so many more, you can keep your mouth feeling fresh with these bulk size mint bags for days, weeks, and maybe even months! If you're getting ready to stock up your office candy dish, different types of peppermints Peppermint candy from Groovycandies. com, America's Original Online Candy Store. Our selection of peppermint flavored candy includes Chiclets, Starlight Mints, Peppermint Patties, and much more! Stewart Soft Peppermint Candy 5. 05 oz. Ordering. King mints are now owned by Cloetta which is a multi national confection company with 13 factories in 6 different countries. King is best known for its roll presentation although there are some other textures and packaging available. Peppermint is a small, perennial herb that has highly aromatic leaves. There are different types of peppermint plants including white peppermint and black peppermint; both have different colored leaves and flowers (source: The Aromatherapy Garden, Julia Lawless). Growing Different Mint Plant Varieties. Most types of mint require the same, or similar, growing conditions. They like full sun to partial shade and most prefer moist, but welldraining, soil. Another aspect that most mint types have in common is their invasive tendency. Therefore, regardless of the types of mint

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