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Block of the Week: Note Block. The exact sound the note block gives off can be controlled by changing the block directly underneath it. Wood, glass, stone and sand create drum noises, while most other blocks will play a harppiano sound. If youre playing the Java edition of the game, or the legacy console version, different note block sounds minecraft Each sound effect has a name assigned to it in Minecraft Java Edition (PCMac). The game will play these sound effects when different things happen in the game such as breaking a block or throwing a potion. You can also choose to play these sound files or stop them from playing whenever you want using game commands such as playsound or stopsound.

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How to make different Note Block Sounds. To create different note block sounds you need to place the note block on different material. Bass Guitar Wood Blocks. Clicks GlassGlowstone. Base Drum Stone based blocks. Snare Drum SandGravel. PianoHarp DirtAir (other blocks) Right clicking on the note block changes the pitch. The Note Block is a block that can produce single music notes when hit or powered by redstone. The type of sound produced is dependent on the block immediately below the note block itself. If it's is on any stonerelated block, it will make a bass drumlike sound. Minecraft Tip Note Block Sound Settings Well it depends on the type of block underneath the note block to make different instrument sound. sand highhat sound dirt piano sound stone different note block sounds minecraft Jan 27, 2019  Trivia Note blocks start at the pitch F, which is interesting since there are very few musical instruments tuned to F. There is an unused sound called pling which is similar to harp but sounds more powerful. Because a note block is a type wooden block, Jan 31, 2018 The Minecraft Note Block Studio is a music editor for Minecraft, where no redstone knowledge is required to be able to create complex note block songs for your Minecraft world. No longer will you have to struggle with redstone, repeaters and clocks to get the right timing and sound, the Minecraft Note Block Studio does all of that tiresome Note Block notes with the corresponding key. Note Blocks produce sound when tapped or when they receive a Redstone signal. They produce a low pitched sound initially, and if continuously tapped, will produce higher pitched sounds. Whenever a Note Block is tapped, they produce different colored musical note particle effects above them Note blocks. Bass Drum: Requires the note block to be placed on any stone block, including brick, obsidian, bedrock, enchantment tables, netherrack, nether brick and any stairs, slabs and fences created with stone. Wooden slabs also play bass drum sounds. Sticks: Requires the note block to be placed on glass, glass panes and glowstone.

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