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Some of the worksheets displayed are The iroquois confederacy, 04 ab6 ch 4, Exploring northeast oject native americans the iroquois, Iroquois, Haudenosaunee guide for educators, The constitution of the iroquois nations, Grade 4 module 1 unit 2 lesson 2 taking notes using a, Grade 4 module 1 overview. iroquois confederacy grade 6 Search Results for iroquois All Grades. The nickname for the Iroquois was what? the Confederacy. Grade 6 Colonial Period Which Indian group formed a confederacy known as the League of Five Nations? Seminole Iroquois Wampanoag

Final Push to Finish Grade 6! Lesson 1: Read pages 76 77 Chapter 4 Iroquois Confederacy Chapter 5 Local Government Chapter 6 Provincial Government Chapter 7 Making a Fair& Just Canada Final Push to Finish Grade 6! Home Textbook Mapping Skills Chapter 1 Chapter 2 iroquois confederacy grade 6

Start studying Iroquois Confederacy Terminology Grade 6. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Grade 6 Iroquois Confederacy. STUDY. PLAY. Iroquois Confederacy Daily Life of Men. 4 points. Organized groups to hund and fish Built Longhouses and canoes Grade 6 Democracy in Ancient Athens. 141 terms. Grade 6 Canada Government. 54 terms. Social Studies Grade 6 Review. Mrs. Munro's Social Studies. Search this site. Home. Chapter 1: Shaping Society Together. Grade 6 Social Studies. Making Presentations. Our Class Charter. Local and Current Affairs. To what extent did the decisionmaking process within the Iroquois Confederacy reflect democratic ideals iroquois confederacy grade 6 The Iroquois Confederacy was an important group of First Nations people, who have given us another excellent example of democracy that we can learn from today. The Iroquois Confederacy were made up of 6 nations: Mohawk, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Seneca and Tuscarora. Clan System Iroquois Confederacy Social Studies Grade 6 Just as the Iroquois Confederacy had six nations, each nation was made up of different clans. A person's clan is the same as their mother's clan. will travel to Grade 6 classrooms. The purpose of the presentation is to share information about the society and government of the Iroquois Iroquois Confederacy that allowed the nations to work together and respect each other. 04 AB6 Ch 4. 11 4208 11: 22 AM Page 86. Chapter 4 87

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