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Venus Retrograde. Venus stations retrograde at 046 Virgo on July 25 and stations direct at 1424 Leo on September 6, 2015. Inferior conjunction of Venus with the Sun, or New Venus, will be at 2239 Leo on August 15, 2015. venus retrograde 2013 virgo Virgo and Virgo Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle occurs for the most part in your third house of communication, siblings, and neighbors. You are likely to withdraw from chitchatting during this period, and this might alienate a few people, especially siblings and perhaps neighbors.

Venus' retrograde of Virgo and Leo will bring up some interesting questions about pride and appreciation in your love life. (July 31st) shell be taking Virgos analysis with her. Venus in Virgo will have posed a specific question about your love life, and Venus Rx in venus retrograde 2013 virgo

Venus will begin its retrograde cycle on Dec. 21, 2013 at 2859 Capricorn at 1: 53pm PST. The next most important phase is when the transiting Sun conjuncts Venus. It is called the Inferior conjunction and is the midpoint of the retrograde cycle. Venus Retrograde in Virgo. With Venus in Virgo and retrograde, there can be some timidity when it comes to sharing their hearts. They tend to show their love through helping, being of service, and tending to the practical side of a lovers life. Venus Retrograde 2013 will align with the constellations of Sagittarius, Aquilla, the Peacock and Lyra. All of these can produce extremely aspirational, showy and golddigging types of energies, and its Christmas and Venus is easily tempted during a retrograde. I predict this venus retrograde 2013 virgo Astrology on the Web discusses Venus Retrograde. Venus turns retrograde only once every eighteen months, but the effects of each period differ, according to the sign. During a retrograde period the things Venus influences will be less apparent, or be of less concern to the world. Fall: Virgo Exalted Degree: 27 Pisces Planetary Node: 16 Retrograde in Virgo and Leo. Although the majority of this Venus retrograde will occur in Leo, it actually starts retrograding in Virgo right on the cusp, before returning to Leo. Virgo is a sign of work, details, service, and health. It can be nitpicky, analytical, and very grounded.

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