Does ejaculation feel different after a vasectomy

2020-02-18 18:22 Jul 05, 2009  Answers. Best Answer: You might find this on the internet: The operation also has no effect on sexuality. Erections, climaxes, and the amount of ejaculate remain the same. Occasionally, a man may experience sexual difficulties after vasectomy, but these almost always have an emotional basis and can usually be alleviated with counseling.

Ejaculation after vasectomy. Its normal to have some anxiety about this sort of thing, but long as everything has gone according to plan and you havent had any issues since your operation your postvasectomy ejacluations should be no different than they were before your procedure. does ejaculation feel different after a vasectomy ANSWERS FROM DOCTORS (6) Ejaculation and orgasm will feel the same after vasectomy. Most of the ejaculate (95) comes from the seminal vesicle, which remains intact even after a vasectomy.

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Because the volume of semen changes so little, and because hormone production and the associated pathways remain the same, ejaculation after a vasectomy should feel no different than it did before. You should still experience just as much pleasure from orgasm, and should not notice Jan 27, 2019  There exists concern among many men that ejaculation after vasectomy will somehow be different and that these differences might influence sexual performance or desire. The good news for most men is that they really wont see much change between Among male birth control surgeries, vasectomy is considered as the most effective and safest. This procedure will make a male infertile without any other side effects. This procedure causes a stopping of sperms released into semen and will not have any effect with your ejaculation. does ejaculation feel different after a vasectomy Oct 09, 2016 how long until sex after a vasectomy This topic is answered by a medical expert. Menu. Register; Login; EN I can see that every body is different and heal, feel different. Thanks every body for the post about sex or no sex, I'm defenetly going to WOW the wife tonite! and yes the word wow! (Boners), Puberty, and Ejaculation. Related Nov 23, 2009 The only difference I've experienced is a more clear ejaculate. Hope that is not too much info, hahaha. Firsthand experience with a vasectomy. I had one almost 12 years ago, and have never noticed any difference in my sex life in any way after the recovery period, that is (about 3 weeks for me).

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