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2020-02-19 15:46 YGrade NGLs are not a commonlytraded commodity, hence I couldn't find pricing information online. It is a mix of NGLs that is sold to a 3rdparty that is operating a fractionator, which produces pure products (ethane, propane, butane, pentane).

yg rade product specifications Acceptable YGrade shall be a mixture of constituents or component products of natural gas liquids (NGLs) composed principally of ethane, propane, butane and natural gasolines, meeting the following product y grade product Make purity profits from Ygrade. P. COOPERMAN, Triple Point Technology, Westport, New York Ygrade, or raw mix, provides an excellent opportunity for companies to profit by fractionating and selling Ygrade purity products, but the path to success is an arduous one.

Y Grade No. 1 Fuel Oil Specifications Origin Test Test Results Product Property Method Minimum Maximum Deliveries1 Gravity, API D287 35. 0 1 Delivered products meets all applicable requirements at time and place of delivery. 2 All results provided must use an EPA qualified instrument. y grade product

After being extracted in the field, mixed NGLs, sometimes referred to as Ygrade or raw NGL mix, are typically transported to a centralized facility for fractionation where the mixed NGLs are separated into discrete NGL products: ethane, ethanepropane mix, propane, normal butane, iso For instance, 99 propane and 1 propylene is HD5 grade propane the same as 95 propane and 5 propylene is HD5 propane. Although the product consistency and purity is different, both mixtures are considered HD5 propane because they fall within the allowable limits for the product to YGrade, also called mixed NGLs or raw make is an unfractionated blend of the various purity products (see definition below) that make up the NGL product family. A Ygrade stream is typically produced by a natural gas processing plant and transported by pipeline to a central fractionation facility to be split into purity products. y grade product The demand for NGLs is growing and now is the time to develop a strategy to profit from market movements. Companies seeking to enter the NGLs arena need to be aware of the many factors affecting the process of isolating the individual components of YGrade, potential yields, and ultimately bringing the end products to market.

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