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2020-02-17 21:15 Jan 21, 2017  [ArcheAge 3. 5 Primordial Grade and Regrade Adjustments. Normal gear is pretty much most of the gear, excluding the gear in Easy and Difficult. Includes crafted and mob drop gear. Difficult gear is comprised of Obsidian gear and Raid Boss drops. This is for the rate of achieving a successful regrade on that specific grade,

In the Regrade window, click the Regrade Item tab at the top. Or you can simply rightclick on any Regrade Scroll in your inventory to open the Regrade window and slot the scroll automatically. The Regrade window will look like this: There is a slot for the Item, the Regrade Scroll and a slot for a Regrade Charm. archeage regrade mythic Erenor Eternal Spotlight: Erenor Crafting& Regrades. May 25, 2017. Erenor Eternal introduces a brand new grade of item into the game: Eternal. Eternal sits above Mythic, and it is the highest enchantment an item can receive. Thats right no more bland arrows! So, to celebrate, ArcheAges base regrade rates (no resplendents, no

May 21, 2016 Truth about regrade changes! I did the math. This change is unique to the NAEU version of ArcheAge for now. Hurray! Source: 2. 9. Reply With Quote. 01: 58 AM# 4. Rekikyo. because 23 crafts a day isn't enough when you're going to throw 79 of them in the trash just to attempt a LegendaryMythic). archeage regrade mythic

Jan 15, 2017 Archeage Best Regrading Try to Mythic Gurkan Kalkan. Loading Unsubscribe from Gurkan Kalkan? Archeage Regrade event, Gemming, A scam and. . MYTHIC? ! Duration: 15: 34. Aug 12, 2017 my adventure just reached a whole new level, thx for being part of it! Archeage Best Regrading Try to Mythic, archeage regrade mythic, archeage regrade to mythic, archeage regrade legendary, archeage regrade success, how to regrade archeage, archeage regrade weapon, archeage regrades, archeage yolo regrade, archeage, regrade, archeage yolo archeage regrade mythic Then you: Right click the said regrade scroll in your inventory, or click the little sword that shines in the bottom right of the inventory selecting the tab you need; Right click the materials or drag the items in their respective slot; Click at the bottom Enchant in the bottom of the UI. Eternal sits above Mythic, and it is the highest enchantment an item can receive. To celebrate, ArcheAges base regrade rates (no resplendents, no charms) as of Update 3. 5, Erenor Eternal The reason you want to regrade it at early tiers is the chance for procs (aka crits) between tiers. My understanding is that the max you can get is celestial on a crafting proc, however at t4 and onward if it is divine or higher is supposedly has a chance to proc epic or above.

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