Mustang 3.73 gears difference

2020-02-27 19:28 May 13, 2008 3. 73 gears vs. 4. 10 I have a 5speed manual V6 and want to change the gears and was wondering which of these two are a better. 3. 73 or 4. 10? Also, should I install a spedo adapter to compensate for the changes in gears?

Aug 01, 2018 3. 73: 1 vs 4. 10: 1 gears Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by Balthazor72, Jul 30, 2018. mustang 3.73 gears difference Apr 30, 2002 If you have a newer stang, then you have 3. 43 gears and it wont be as dramatic a change to go from 3. 43 to 3. 73 but the earlier models came with a much higher gear ratio and dropping to a 3. 73 really makes a difference.

Aug 16, 2004  Mustang Master. The ratio of the tire diameters will tell you. Stock Mustang tire is about 26 tall. Let's say you choose 3. 55 gears with the stock size tires. Put a tire on it that's 28 tall 2826 1. 076. You just cut your rear gear by about 7. 5. So your mustang 3.73 gears difference

Ah, well that's a shame. Was worth a shot though! Haha! As per the 3. 55s vs 3. 73s, I'd go with the 3. 73s. Gear swaps aren't all that cheap, so I'd want some more aggressive gears (hence why I Apr 13, 2002 3. 73 vs 4. 10 Gears Discussion in ' V6 Mustang Tech' started by SySTemOfAdOwN, Apr 9, 2002. Jan 27, 2019 1987 1993 Mustang GT 3. 73's or 4. 10's? Thread starter 87gtslowstang; Start Have a dd 87 gt with a relatively stock 5. 0 and a stock aod. Just wondering what gears i would be happier with3. 73's or 4. 10's? Has ac delete, smog delete, bbk shorty headers, bbk xpipe, flow master 40 series mufflers, and a sve cai. mustang 3.73 gears difference May 09, 2015 2. 73 Gears vs 3. 73 Gears 2012 Mustang V6 Filmed on the way home from the road trip to Canada. Filmed in Canada. 3. 73 Runs were filmed with stock mufflers and or x pipe that's why it sounds quieter. Sep 28, 2017 3: 73 vs 4: 10 gears I know this has been asked many times, but I tried searching and all the info is on 2000 and up mustangs. I have a 1989 mustang gt all stock except for bbk shorty headers bbk 212 X pipe and dynomax ultra flow exhaust 212 , the car has stock 2: 73 track loc, I do plan in the future to do either aftermarket heads or do the These Ford Performance Mustang 3. 73 gears are a great way to improve acceleration to make your Mustang faster! This kit fits Mustang with an 8. 8 rear end. The kit features a set of Ford Performance 3. 73 gears, an FPRP M4210B2 bearing kit, a bottle of Ford Performance friction modifier, and 2 bottles of Royal Purple 75W90 gear oil. Aug 31, 2010 i am looking to buy a new set of gears for my gt. the car will be a daily driver and the car is na. i was wondering what the better gear set for a DD would be 3. 73 or 4. 10. i was also wondering about the effect on gas milage and top speed that each gear would have on the car

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