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2020-02-21 05:32 Sep 07, 2011 French difference between du and de la? Can someone please explain the difference between the french du and de la? So the sentence is 'Alors, je fais du or de la natation I am confused of which (du or de la) one to use: S help plz? Follow. 2 answers 2. Report Abuse.

It is essential to understand the difference between the French prepositions and de. The meaning of some verbs depends on whether you use or de. For other french difference between a and de The French preposition de used alone can be translated with of, for, or from. Before a feminine noun, de la can mean of the Before a masculine noun, de le [meaning of the has to be contracted to du, A bottle of wine (wine in general) would be slightly different from a bottle of some specific wine,

What's the difference between, au, and en in French? is a preposition of location (with feminine article la: at home: la maison), of possession (in the west of the country (Pauls dog: le chien paul (standard French: le chien de Paul)), has some other usages as well related to the prepposition de, and sounds exactly like the standard french a (the french difference between a and de

Jan 09, 2010 The rule pertains both to de as a preposition or as a partitive indefinite article. The owrd de , as a pronoun, precedes proper nouns such as names of people or places. The word de , as a preposition, retains its de form in certain phrases that are so commonly used they can be considered as expressions in themselves. de la is of the , where the the is a feminine object. du IS de le. It's a mandatory contraction of the two words. so du is of the , where the the is a masculine object. edit: and yes, you can't always translate it as of . it's also the indefinite article. It's used in exactly the same situations, but there is one big difference: du is masculine (de le) and de la is feminine. Use du with masculine nouns (such as lait) and de la with feminine nouns (like bire). french difference between a and de May 08, 2013  Du vs De in French De vs Du in French ParisFranceMarseille December 6, 2010, 6: 53 am While I was reviewing a Lesson Plan from Rocket French Premium I came upon a So in French the difference between countable and uncountable nouns is marked by the use of indefinite articles (un, une, des) for countable, and partitive articles (du, de l de la) for uncountable: How can the answer be improved? French Translation of difference The official Collins EnglishFrench Dictionary online. Over 100, 000 French translations of English words and phrases.

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