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2020-02-17 15:06 Grades for law vary considerably depending on where you want to go. If you're aiming for top universities you're looking at AAAAAA. Your subject choices are perfectly fine, you've chosen traditional, wellrespected subjects. Have a look at the UCAS course finder to see which unis appeal to you and have a look at their websites.

You can still take Alevel law to get a feel for what the subject involves before commiting to study it for three years at degreelevel but don't feel like you've missed your chance of applying to a law degree, if you didn't study it at Alevel. Learn more about what universities think of Alevel law. a level grades to study law Four Year with Foundation LLB: English Language at grade C, or grade 4, or above. GCE A level: Grades required: Three year fulltime Law degrees, iLLB, BSc (Hons) Policing and Criminal Investigation: BBB. Three year BA Criminology: BBC. Two year accelerated LLB: ABB

Choosing Alevels for law: it's the grades that really count. The good news is that almost any combination of subjects is acceptable to admissions tutors, providing your grades are high. It is anything goes to a large extent: we dont specify any subjects students must have taken, and theres nothing specific we say students must not have taken. a level grades to study law

Higher grades may be specified for individual programmes of study. The University of Exeter supports the Core Maths and this may considered acceptable in lieu of GCSE Grade A, in this instance; this will be considered on a case by case basis. Standard Level Grade 5 or Higher Level Grade 4 or above: Jan 30, 2011 The minimum grades you can get into a university with nowadays are BBC A2 level, although the very best ones like Cambridge require AAA. I've got to admit, those subjects aren't really very law orientated with the exception of philosophy maybe, so I'm not sure if that would matter. The entry requirements for alternative qualifications can be quite specific for example, you may need to take certain modules and achieve a specified grade in those modules. Some schools will ask for additional study (usually an A level) and some do not accept Access courses where no suitable preparatory course exists. Offers will a level grades to study law Typical law degree entry requirements The combination of grades youll be expected to achieve in order to earn a place on an LLB course will differ slightly depending on the university. Most students who attend school and college in England and Wales still currently follow the academic route of GCSEs, followed by A Levels. A level grades needed to study law? watch. Your A level subjects are fine, for Bristol and other reputable unis. Some universities prefer applicants not to take law at A level, so it's fine for you not to do so. Drop art after the first year if you are going to drop one. The main thing is that you must get top grades Sep 09, 2012 the subjects that I am studying at A level are History English Language Psychology if I get good grades at A level with these subjects is it enough to study law at AS grades no longer count towards the final Alevel. Most students study three or four A level subjects simultaneously during the two post16 years (ages 1618) in a secondary school, in a sixth form college, in a further and higher education college, or in a tertiary college, as part of their further education.

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