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2020-02-26 23:39 150 Vs 15, 000 Cinema Lens, Not A Significant Difference. by Lee Morris. August 28, 2015. 22 Comments Another reason why cinema lenses are better for movie making? T stops, no matter what

The still photography world has one way that they like their lenses, and the cinemavideo world like them another way, but what exactly is the difference between these two types of lenses? Caleb Pike over at DSLR Video Shooter just released a very informative, and very interesting new video on difference between cinema lenses The biggest and most noticeable difference between still and cine lenses is the price. Some of the topend lenses used in Hollywood cost a fortune. . Whats so special about them and why cannot we use still lenses to shoot motion picture?

As with focus and iris, the major difference between still and cinema lenses comes from the fact that you will be able to see the action of the zoom in the shot. There are similarities between the two: still photo lenses frequently have a rubber grip or grooves on the zoom ring to help with manual zooming. difference between cinema lenses

Kenji from Samy's DV& Edit discusses the difference between photography and cinema lenses. What you need to know to be sure you are using the right lens. I regularly get asked about the differences between cinema lenses and photography lenses for video use. FStops vs TStops: The Difference Explained in Plain English lenses use FStop and cinema lenses use TStop? for the minor exposure difference between two different lenses with the same F The answer to the difference between EF and EFS lenses, is quite simple: 1 ALL values marked on all lenses for ANY camera are the actual values. So, if it says 50 mm, than the focal length is 50 mm. difference between cinema lenses The same thing happened with Zeiss when they realized that we were modifying their ZF line of lenses for cinema use. Back at headquarters in Germany, a quick visit to the engineering department and, BAM! Compact Primes. So whats the difference between the Rokinon Cine, Cine DS, and Xeen primes? Is one better than the other? Duclos Technicians are equipped with the tools and skills to tune your precision cinema lenses to the highest quality, squeezing every last drop of performance out of each lens. Still vs Cine Lenses. I love how you explained the difference between the two This got me wondering: Does the general filmmaker know the difference between these types of mounts? Lets list out the most commonly used lens mounts, explore each one, and then compare them. Hopefully well learn something new about mounts and the lenses we use. Although lenses of different manufacturers may vary as color and contrast interpretations, most of the time the cinema lenses of one brand will have consistent color and contrast features

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