5 pound difference from morning to night

2020-02-18 19:52 Your Scale Is Lying to You! 5 Reasons Your Weight Fluctuates. Since you're not eating or drinking during the night (unless you get the midnight munchies), your body has a chance to remove

How much do you gain from morning to evening? AshleyJohn Posts: 25 Member Posts: 25 Member. in General Health, I weigh in the morning and at night everyday. At night, I am exactly 3 pounds heavier than in the morning so I always subtract 3 pounds. I've been up as much as 5 pounds from morning to evening. August 17, 2013 4: 25AM. 0. 5 pound difference from morning to night I'm normally about 2 lbs heavier at night. Sometimes as much as 5 or 6 lbs heavier at night. Only once have I ever weighed more in the morning than the previous night, and that was because of drinking water after weighing myself that night.

Mar 08, 2008 Best Answer: everyone always weighs more at night. That's why you are only suppose to weigh yourself early in the morning right after you pee. That is your true weight. You can fluctuate between 5 pounds, because of water weight. You didn't gain 5 pounds it's just water. Also you are only really suppose to 5 pound difference from morning to night

How Much Can Weight Fluctuate from Morning to Night? Cindy Banyai. Weight fluctuates from morning till night. (Image: JupiterimagesPolka DotGetty Images) Throughout the day your body weight can fluctuate from 2 to 4 lbs. Generally, you weigh less in the morning than in the evening. This is due to the things you consume during the day and the Mar 13, 2007 Can water weight cause a difference of 5 pounds between morning and night on the scale? Why is this? In the morning I am always 5lbs lighter than the evening. Is this water weight can and if so how can I prevent it? What's the difference between gaining 5 pounds from just water or pizza& soda? Answer Questions. Page 1 of 3 What is your weight difference between morning and night? posted in Anorexia Discussions: For those of us obsessed with weighing ourselves 10x a day, how much do you gain by the end of the day in food water weight? HW 157 pounds UGW 127 pounds CW 140 pounds 5'11 I'm hungry but I can't eat. I'm tired but I can't sleep. I 5 pound difference from morning to night i need some honesty morning and night weights? really that. MJ7910 Posts: 1, 286 Member Member Posts: The weight difference between night and day can be anywhere between 1lb and 5lb, depending how much you ate, how much you drank, if you went to bathroom or not. I always weigh 23 pounds more at night than in the morning! ! One more Feb 24, 2007 I noticed the 5 pound difference from morning to night as well on my scale. Weird isn't it. My next OB appt is in the evening so it is going to look like I gained too much this next time and with my DH there being all critical from my last appt, I am not looking forward to it. I'd never done this comparison before, but when I saw this topic I figured I'd do it last night. I weighed 2. 5 pounds more last night than I did that morning. I'm going to stick with weighing once a week! Haha.

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