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2020-02-23 00:48 Michael Lim turntable accessories compatible with DIY& Rega TT's 4: 56 PM Author: Michael Lim By initially sharing with you my tweaking experience and tips, later introducing my series of turntable upgradeDIY accessories, I hope to have made it easier for more vinyl enthusiasts to join in and enjoy the fun of tweaking, enhancing one's analogue

Rega Planar 25 turntable. With the drive upgrade in place and a retail price targeted, Rega looked for other ways to bring the 9's performance to the analog masses. A new tonearm was fashioned, the RB600essentially the RB300, but wired with the RB900's lowcapacitance Klotz GY 107 cable and Neutrik RCA plugs. rega p25 upgrades What The Rega Tonearm Upgrade Involves. The Rega tonearm upgrade involves removing the rear stub. This stub is easily unscrewed from the Rega arm. Origin Live replace the old Rega stub with a new stub (or you can do it yourself). The new stub is torqued onto the arm by a thin high tensile bolt.

Deco Audio sapphire ball bearing for Rega turntables: 25. 00. Rega 24v motor upgrade kit. As mentioned at the very top of this page, Rega now use a 24 volt motor for some of their turntables, and this kit allows any Rega design (and the many derivatives) to be retro fitted with the latest spec setup. rega p25 upgrades

Dec 13, 2010  TONEPUB Forum Resident. Seriously, if you get the Groovetracer upgrade, you will get a nice improvement for a couple hundred bucks. If you go all the way to a P5 it will be a bigger improvement, but will cost 5800 net, by the time you get rid of your P25. . The main questions I Jan 25, 2011 Rega P25 with upgrades. KoolKatJazz. Loading Unsubscribe from KoolKatJazz? Rega P25 Motor Servicing and Isolation Tweak. Duration: 26: 37. KoolKatJazz 5, 782 views. Dec 14, 2010 Both damn good tables. PS there seemed to be a run on these used on Audiogon a while back. Some with ttpsu going for under a grand. Worth noting that used P25 and P5 values are pretty close, if that tells you anything! rega p25 upgrades Rega Upgrades, Parts& Accessories. We can supply all available Rega parts and accessories, even those that are not listed on our website. Including Turntable Power Supply Upgrades, Motor Upgrade Kits, Arm Spacers, Drive Belts and Turntable Mats. Please contact us if Aug 01, 2011 I can tell you that I will never get rid of my P25. Aesthetically, I think its the most beautiful Turntable Rega ever put out. I don't really care for the newer P5, P7 or P9. I have compared my Modified Rega p25 to the P5, P7, P9 and given that X, Y, Z are the same. (X, Y, Z being components), Is it worth the Upgrade, Find great deals on eBay for rega turntable upgrades. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay Logo: Shop by category. PLINTH UPGRADE FOR REGA TURNTABLES RP1, Planar 2, RP3 etc Motor Pulley walnut. Brand New Rega. 100. 00. From Moldova. Buy It Accessories. When Rega introduced their 24V motor with the P324 and the P5, the world was stunned. Rocksolid performance and outstanding speed stability from such an inexpensive design rocked the audiophile market to its core. Now, the same potent rigid mount motor from the

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