Difference between ballpoint gel pens

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Gel Pens: The Schoolgirl Favorite. The biggest difference is that the ink is composed of a waterbased gel that is thinner than ballpoint ink, but not as think as rollerball ink. The benefit to gel pens is that they offer a very smooth writing experience and are typically available in a wider variety of colors, appealing to students and creatives. difference between ballpoint gel pens Ballpoint and gel pens have become extremely popular writing tools as they are widely available and can be purchased at pretty inexpensive prices. Though some people don't care or aren't aware of it, the fact is the ballpoint pens and gel pens are not the same.

Ink viscosity is the only significant difference between these types. Ballpoint pens use oilbased viscous ink while rollerball pens use a thinner ink, most often waterbased or gelbased. Disposable and refillable versions of both are sold. Ballpoint pens sometimes feature a retractable nib that further prevents the ink in its reservoir from difference between ballpoint gel pens

The tip rotates when the pen is in use, transferring the ink to the paper. Massproduced ballpoint pens are made mostly of plastic with a small amount of metal to keep costs low. Higherend ballpoint pens are made of metal, especially the twist pens that require a metal mechanism to reveal the tip. 5 Answers. Usually based on labeling at least, roller ball means liquid ink and gel means gel ink. Ballpoint pens use an oil based ink. The oil based ink is dispensed at the tip during use by the rolling action of the tungsten carbide. The ink dries almost immediately after contact with paper. Ballpoint pen is a pen that uses a thick oil based ink where the ball in the pen nib pushes the ink on to the paper. Fountain pen was ruling the roost when ballpoint pens made their entry into the world of writing as an alternative. These pens attracted millions towards them because of ease of use and long lasting ink that was oil based. difference between ballpoint gel pens

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