Difference between 2v 4v heads ford

2020-02-24 20:42 Everyone knows that 4V heads are for high rpm use. Designed for NASCAR, the ports on these heads were large, perhaps too large to be offered in heavy cars which never saw the high side of 5000rpm. The port on the left is a 4V intake port, while the right pic is a 2V. A 4V port measures 2. 47 x 1. 47 . A 2V port measures 2. 05 x 1. 37 . Now

Nov 19, 2002 whats the difference between 2V and 4V heads? howdy people, I cant remember if there was any difference with the combustion chamber or valves with the six cyl 2V motor. these are pretty rare, much rarer than the 4V V8 heads. so all this 2V and 4V is all ford stuff, so holdens don't have anything with 2V and 4V, so it is all Ford stuff? difference between 2v 4v heads ford Aug 27, 2014 Dyno 351C 2v vs 4v Heads. Jeff73Mach1 switched to closed chambered 4V heads from 2V heads and can tell you there is a very noticeable seat of the pants difference in performance and it's a good one. 1972 and 1973 Ford Mustang! We are not affiliated with Ford Motor Company in any way. Founded July 2010 South Western PA, USA

Cylinder block material varies between aluminum used in the 2005 Mustang GT and cast iron used in the 2006 Ford Explorer and the 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, though the same aluminum heads are used in all applications. difference between 2v 4v heads ford

The heads are so different that they require 4V2Vspecific intake, exhaust manifolds and associated gaskets. 4V 351C heads have enormous intake& exhaust ports that mate to radically different, 4V style intake and exhaust manifold flanges. The biggest physical difference between the 2V and 4V Cleveland heads is the huge intake and exhaust ports on the 4V heads. There simply isnt enough material around the smaller 2V ports to hog them out to mate to 4V port dimensions. Mar 07, 2011 Re: Trying to understand the diff between 4V& 2V heads Mik, that is the intake side, he needs to see the exhaust side. For those of you who think that you can put 4 V headers on to a 2 V cylinder head, take a look at these two pics. difference between 2v 4v heads ford Sep 20, 2018 Sorry if this has been asked a million times before but the search engine returns nothing for difference 2v heads and numerous websites I read didn't not address this. 351C 4V 72 Mach 1 Engine fan: baz70: 10: 167: 2 hours ago Last Post: rackerm: What heads do I have? 1972 and 1973 Ford Mustang! We are not affiliated with Ford Motor Ford made both 2V and 4V cylinder head versions for the 351C, with the latter 4V heads being the more performanceoriented versions. Unfortunately, Ford only produced the 351 Cleveland for five years (in the U. S. at least, Australia got the engine up until 1982). the 2v also came out with a 4 barrel carb as well. the term 3v is not a ford head but an after market head. it uses the 4v heads valves which are much larger than the 2v and uses the 2v ports which are much smaller than a 4v which gives better low to mid range torque.

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